Dj Ank

Location : Pune (India)

Disc Jockey : 

Producer DJ : 

Gender : Male

“The best thing about being a DJ is making people happy. There is nothing like seeing people get up from a table to dance or the expression on their face when they hear a song they love. I also love to educate people on music they have never heard.”

That’s how DJ ANK describes his experience as a VDJ. Mixing his way through all types of local as well as international music styles, Aniket Hanchate aka DJ ANK brings a lot the table with groovy beats. Graduated from Nasha’s Workstation Mumbai and further trained on his own. His biggest strength lie in his perseverance and ability to adapt.

Inspired from the best of industry DJ ANK likes to go an extra bit and is successful in doing Audio visual sets, jamming with live artist, shared stage with talented local as well international DJs like Electrovertz , Lost Stories Ankytrix & more. As a producer as well DJ ANK IS making some next level Bollywood remixes, which have been hitting the charts for months.

Almost a decade of experience DJ ANK has been making a mark in the nightlife , wedding and in the corporate event world.

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